What We Treat

Osteopathic Manipulation is not a one-size-fits-all treatment. It is inherently a highly adaptable, natural form of treatment which Dr. Sneed can adjust to the needs of each individual patient – taking your concerns, symptoms, preferences, and the pain, tension, or imbalances your body is exhibiting on the day of treatment into consideration before and during the Osteopathic Manipulation Treatment.

This adaptability means that Dr. Sneed can treat any age and, in conjunction with nutrition, herbal, homeopathic, or traditional medicine, almost any ailment.   We’ve compiled a brief sampling of the ailments he commonly sees in our offices – but just because your condition or symptom isn’t specifically mentioned below does not mean he might not be able to help.

Allergies Fibromyalgia Recovery from Surgery
Arthritis Foot/Ankle Pain Respiratory Problems
Asthma Gastrointestinal/Abdominal Problems Sciatica
Back Pain Headaches/Migraines SI Joint Pain
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Jaw Pain Sinus Problems
Chronic Ear Infections Joint Pain Sleep Problems
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Musculoskelatal Pain Sports Injuries
Colic/Newborn Fussiness Neck Pain Suckling Problems
Costochondritis Pneumonia Swelling
Cystic Fibrosis Pregnancy Side Effects Vertigo/Dizziness

If you ever have any questions about if Dr. Sneed and Osteopathic Manipulation can be of benefit to you – just give us a call! While we never promise specific outcomes or cures (since each individual and their situation is unique), we do have a policy of honest and open communication with our patients. If you aren’t feeling some sort of progressive relief within 2-3 visits (usually 1-2weeks apart), Dr. Sneed will be up front and honest about if he feels the OMM is an effective form of treatment for you specifically as well as do his best to help you find the next step, if needed.