Behind the Medicine: Mr. Thrifty

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 in Practice Information

Behind the Medicine: Mr. Thrifty

If you’ve ever stopped by our check-out window after a visit with Dr. Sneed, you’ve probably already met Mr. Thrifty.

No, he’s not one of the lovely ladies helping you schedule a follow up (that’s either Meg, Jennifer, or Jamie); he’s our office mascot and friendly skeletal assistant:

Mr Thrifty in Fredericksburg

Mr. Thrifty joined our staff back in 2013, when we first opened the practice here in Fredericksburg. He was sent to us by a good friend of Dr. Sneed’s family who was just retiring from her own career as nurse practitioner up in Michigan. He had been hanging around her practice for years – ever since she found him in the back of a medical supplies catalog while searching for an inexpensive skeleton to use when explaining anatomy to her students and patients. It was love at first sight, and Mr. Thrifty appeared in every one of her Christmas cards from then until her retirement in 2012 – a tradition we’ve carried on here at ODOM as well.

Xmas Card 2013_Page_1Celebrate the little things









When Mr. Thrifty isn’t reminding patients to drink plenty of water after their OMM appointments, he enjoys a few of his favorite hobbies:


Helping out around the office,

thrifty relaxing 2

Lounging in the glow of our salt lamps,

Thrifty walking in woods

And long strolls through nature!