Local Resources

We’ve listed below some of our favorite resources for healthy living in and around Fredericksburg.

Real Food Sources

      • Bethel Family Farm – Family farm in Caroline County which offers Lamb (half, whole) and Chicken.
      • Blenheim Organic Gardens
      • Boxwood Beef – Based in Chatham, VA they are a family owned beef farm which delivers quarter, half, and whole beef shares to the Fredericksburg area. Grass-fed, Grain-finished beef.
      • Braehead Farm – The only operational farm in Fredericksburg City, they offer pick-your own fruits and vegetables throughout the growing season. While not organic, they do minimize their fungicide, pesticide, and insecticide use.
      • Foode – A Sneed family favorite, Foode is a local restaurant in Downtown Fredericksburg which prides themselves on using fresh, clean, local ingredients in all of their offerings.
      • Fredericksburg Area CSA Project  – The first CSA in Fredericksburg, in operation since 1995, it focuses on providing organic, local produce to its members from May-October each year.
      • Fredericksburg Farmer’s Market – Held every Saturday between April and October, it is a great place to meet and support local farmers, not to mention pick up some fresh produce, cheese, meat, and eggs.
      • Golden Valley Gurnsey – Family owned farm offering cow shares.
      • Harvest Market – Located at the Courthouse Village in Spotsylvania, it is a family owned and operated grocery store which focuses on carrying natural and/or local products.
      • Kickshaw’s Downtown Market – A small, locally owned grocery store in Downtown Fredericksburg which carries local, natural, and organic products.
      • Lockhart Family Farm – Local, family owned farm which offers  Pork, Chicken, Turkey, and Ducks.
      • Mountain Rose Herbs – A great source for organic bulk herbs, spices, and loose leaf tea.
      • Olde Towne Butcher – Traditional full-service butcher shop in Downtown Fredericksburg. A great source for local meats and sausages, and wild-caught fish.
      • Schaefer Family Farm – Local family farm in Spotsylvania which offers Pork (whole, half, sausage, bacon), Chicken, Turkey, Eggs, Lard, and Soap.
      • Sneads Asparagus Farm – A local farm which has an annual CSA with foods from their own farm, but supplemented with produce from other farms as needed. Pick your own Pumpkins and Christmas Trees seasonally.

Fitness Resources

Local Holistic Health & Medical Resources

      • Cowan Pharmacy – A locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy Fredericksburg, behind MWH. They also carry many of the brands and supplements recommended by Dr. Sneed for their purity and effectiveness.
      • Creative Healing Solutions – Private practice psychotherapy group specializing in the treatment of anxiety and traumatic stress disorders.
      • Fredericksburg Whole Food Nutrition Meetup Group – A local Meetup group focused on sharing local resources and information on healthy, clean eating with a focus on the Weston A. Price model of nutrition.
      • Goolrick’s Pharmacy – A locally owned and operated compounding pharmacy in Downtown Fredericksburg.
      • Meditation Community of Fredericksburg – Group meditation utilizing Buddhist Insight Meditation. Meets weekly at Dragonfly Yoga Studios, Thursdays at 7pm.
      • The Natural Path – An excellent, local resource for homeopathic, herbal, and natural remedies run by Naturopaths Barbara and Roderic Bergquist.
      • The Scenter of Town – Suzy Woollam is a certified Clinical Aromatheapist and Massage Therapist with a talent for helping create specific essential oil blends for individual Aromatherapy needs.
      • Thrive – A non-profit organization offering holistic services to women.

Educational Health Resources

      • 100 Days of Real Food – Food blog dedicated to helping families reduce or eliminate processed foods, includes resources and recipes.
      • Against All Grain – Food blog dedicated to the Paleo diet, including gluten-free/dairy-free/grain-free recipes.
      • Centers for Disease Control & Prevention – Federal organization focusing on disease prevention and cures through the use of traditional pharmaceutical methods.
      • Center for Science in the Public Interest – Independent organization focused on education and advocacy for scientifically based stances on health and environmental issues which counter the major food industries’ lobbyists.
      • Dr. Mercola – News, research, and resources focused on natural health information run by Dr. Mercola.
      • Go Farm University – Educational organization focused on teaching holistic, sustainable, healthy farm management practices.
      • Holistic Healing Magazine – Local Fredericksburg publication focusing on holistic information and services within the area.
      • National Institute of Health – Federal medical research agency under the US Department of Health and Human Services.
      • Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon – Resource and Cook Book written by a leader of the Weston A. Price Foundation which supplies recipes for cooking with real food as well as the research explaining the benefits of various ingredients and methods of cooking.
      • The Cleveland Clinic – A nationally recognized medical resource for patients covering common diseases, conditions, treatments, procedures, and medications.
      • The Mayo Clinic – A nationally recognized medical resource for both patients and physicians.
      • US Department of Agriculture – Federal organization tasked with regulating farming, agriculture, forestry, and food.
      • US Food and Drug Administration – Federal organization tasked with regulating medical products (devices, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and supplements), tobacco, food, and veterinary medicine,
      • Virginia Independent Consumers & Farmers Association – Independent association which works against the over-regulation of small farm sales direct to consumers.
      • Weston A. Price Foundation – A non-profit nutrition education foundation which promotes eating a nutrient-dense whole foods diet.

**We’ve received no compensation in any form for mentioning these resources – these are simply local business, farms, and practitioners we like and trust within the Fredericksburg community.