Osteopathic manipulation is a form of manual medicine that focuses on the health of the body and works to improve blood flow, nerve conduction, and musculoskeletal function by treating the tissues of the body. This allows your body to heal itself and better manage disease and other stresses on your body. Osteopathic manipulation focuses on the health of the patient. With this in mind, the goal is to improve blood flow, nerve conduction and biomechanical function. Your osteopathic physician will accomplish this by working with the various tissues of your body to allow them to function more optimally.

There are a wide variety of techniques that are used for manipulation. Some techniques are very gentle, while others are more aggressive. Your physician will determine the best approach to treating you based on what will be most effective and within your range of tolerance.


At no point should you be in any more discomfort than you typically feel during your daily activities.

Osteopathic manipulation has been studied extensively and has been shown to be very safe. While certain techniques are not advised in certain circumstances, the more gentle forms of OMT are usually safer than going about your daily activities. Dr. Sneed has been trained in the various techniques available, as well as how to assess which ones are needed for your specific condition.

 Osteopathic manipulation can be performed on patients of all ages. OMT has successfully benefited patients from only a few hours old to those who are well into their golden years. For more about the specific disease processes that OMT is used for see our What We Treat page.

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